Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mr. Maybe: The Introduction

I met Mr. Maybe almost a year ago, but was unwilling to notice him.  When I first saw him, I thought he was a silly person because all he did was clown around.   The more we hung around each other the more we would talk.  I actually liked when he was around. My nights weren’t boring.

I didn’t realize that he like me until we were at a function and someone else brought it to my attention.  The person said, “I think Mr. M like you, he is coming around more and he ask questions about you”.  After that conservation, I started noticing he was doing what she said. He was coming around more and would hang out with me and hold conversations with me. 

He had a picture of my daughter that I wanted. He said I could either send it to myself or I could air drop it.  I just went on ahead and text it to myself because that was less complicated.  I wasn’t really trying to give him my phone number and he really wasn’t asking for it, either. Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling him like that at the time. Chuckling as I type, and that is how we exchanged phone numbers.