Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dating:The Coworker

Ok so there is this guy at work that has shown an interest in me. I don’t usually like to “crap where I eat” because when mad day comes, it doesn’t work out well for either party involved.  I try to stay away from situations like this. Well, I was peeping the guy out and was intrigued by him. He was different than any other person I have run across. 

In the beginning, he would ask me to out for lunch to get familiar with the area.  I obliged a few times to take him around and to hit some of the lunch spots that we would visit. It was becoming a routine then, but people who know me know that I like to not venture out during lunch.  I had to let him know that I eat sandwiches mostly during the week.  He started joining me with my lunch buddies in our secret lunch location.  He was okay the first couple of times, and then he started with the “come on Bae we have to get back to our desks.”  I am a very private person and do not like people in my business.  Therefore, I laid down some ground rules about how this was going to work at work.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dating: Made For TV!

If this post do not blow your mind, something is wrong. As I am sitting here typing, I am still trying to wrap my head around it as well as still asking myself, “did this really happen”.  This situation was the scariest, unreal, and craziest shit I have ever been in or witnessed. Hold on to this unbelievable ride, it is about to get bumpy.

Shane and I made plans for me to visit him while he was working in a different city.  He was about an hour away and I have made this trip before.  I knew it was not a bad ride and It would not take long to get to him. I told him that I would leave in an hour because I wanted to avoid as much traffic as I possible could. 

When I got to the hotel, I text him and he said he was starving so he went to get something for us to eat.  I said that was not a problem, I would run to Target to get a few things.  Fifteen minutes later, he called and said he had made it back to the room and he left the door cracked.  I finished looking around and headed back to the hotel.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mr. Maybe: The Introduction

I met Mr. Maybe almost a year ago, but was unwilling to notice him.  When I first saw him, I thought he was a silly person because all he did was clown around.   The more we hung around each other the more we would talk.  I actually liked when he was around. My nights weren’t boring.

I didn’t realize that he like me until we were at a function and someone else brought it to my attention.  The person said, “I think Mr. M like you, he is coming around more and he ask questions about you”.  After that conservation, I started noticing he was doing what she said. He was coming around more and would hang out with me and hold conversations with me. 

He had a picture of my daughter that I wanted. He said I could either send it to myself or I could air drop it.  I just went on ahead and text it to myself because that was less complicated.  I wasn’t really trying to give him my phone number and he really wasn’t asking for it, either. Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling him like that at the time. Chuckling as I type, and that is how we exchanged phone numbers.