Thursday, October 27, 2016

Parenting: The Middle Child Complex

For some time now, I have been dealing with the middle child complex.  I didn’t want to realize that he was attributing to some of the behaviors that are associated with the Middle Child Syndrome.  As a parent, you want to believe that you have done a great job not to show favoritism when you have more than one child.  However, I believe I missed my own memo somewhere. 

Being that he has an older brother that excelled in sports, he doesn’t want anything to do with sports.  I really believe if he could change schools he would play a sport because he has mentioned that he don’t want to live in the shadow of his brother. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Relationship Diary: Another Life Changing Relationship

I have been off my writing game because I had to sit back and regroup for a minute. I have shared things with you; major milestones, my friend’s craziness and now, my most recent break-up.

I never realized that you give and trust the person that you are in a relationship with so much. You have all of their pertinent information.  Man, I have to delete so much stuff it is ridiculous.  Not to mention, I have to change passwords and he does too, I digress.

EP and I decided to go our separate ways. Hell, we did that a while ago and I wasn’t ready to share that with you.  He and I had been going through some hard times for a while.  We were on/off, disconnected, reconnected and finally met the break-up point.  We didn’t split because of the distance, but because we are in two different phases in our lives. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sponsor Mom: Taking On the Challenge

Last year, I was the bleacher mom. Simply because, my daughter made the majorette team at her high school.  As the supportive parent I am, I yelled, videoed and photographed from the bleachers.  The squad had a sponsor that worked with them and I would help out when I can.  I didn’t do any of the “sponsor” things, more like the “majorette parent” things. I walked parades and bought drinks to the games for the girls to drink.

Well this year, my daughter is venturing into her second year as a majorette. So, I decided to take on the challenge of being the majorette squad sponsor.  Which means, I will have to order uniforms, schedule fundraisers, meet with parents, working closely with the band director and the principal, as well.  As a result, I will have to be present at all of their appearances.

What have I done to myself? Can I do it?  Will I survive? Let the fun begin!

Monday, January 4, 2016

My Happiness Chronicles

Starting off a New Year, everyone make their New Year’s resolutions. Some people make promises that they make about bettering themselves. 

So this year, I decided that I wasn’t going to do a New Year’s Resolution but, to work on being a better Jeigh. I want a better me. I want to love myself so I can love others. I want to improve on me from the inside out and outside in.

Therefore, I am doing 365 days of Happiness! I want to emphasize on great things that happened to me every day for one year. I will write about all of them, so I can share all of the good things with you guys.

Keep posted!