Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Friend’s Escapades: Snooping in the Phone

During one of our “Girl’s Day Out” the topic of “Going through your boyfriend phone” came up. This is always a touchy subject because some of us is for going through the phone and the others aren’t so keen on snooping.

So, Jess said the other night she and Ralph were sitting on the sofa.  He got up to go in the bathroom and she did the ultimate betrayal to their relationship. She opened his phone, after watching him put in his passcode several times.  She said the found text messages from some friends and a couple of females. One particular female was asking about getting together.  She wasn’t sure if half of the conversation was deleted but she said it did not make sense.  It was like she was asking questions and he wouldn’t respond with an appropriate answer.  She said the female was an ex of his. She said the conversation went something like this when she confronted him about it.