Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friends Escapades: Girls' Day Out

Tee, Jaycee and I enjoyed a girls' day out recently. We all just needed a day away from kids, boyfriends and work.  We had an awesome time!  We left for the city early, so we had time to catch lunch, shop and shoot the crap.  Tee met me at my house, because we were going to ride with Jaycee.  She arrived around 9:30 am.   

Once we got on the road, we began the truth conversation.  Meaning, if anyone of us asked the other a question, it had to be truthful.  Wow, did this open our eyes to our previous and current relationships as well as future plans.  Without spilling the tea, let’s just say it was extra juicy! Heck, I learned a lot about them and myself. 

Our first stop was Marshalls.  Don’t judge us, we are bargain-basement shoppers and we know where to find the deals.   We played around in Marshalls like high school girls on a shopping spree. We tried on clothes and did a little dream shopping.  I took pictures for inspiration on the redecoration project that will be taking place real soon.

After Marshalls, we all suggested it was time to get lunch.  Jaycee called one of her friends that used to live in NOLA for good suggestion, off the beaten path, restaurants.  The suggestion we got was Katie’s.  The restaurant is located in a neighborhood, so we were a little skeptical.  The line outside the restaurant reassured our skepticism. 

We got a table right away and was directed to order the seafood beignet. OMG, the beignet was divine.  It had crawfish, crabmeat, and shrimp with jalapeños along with different cheese.  It is a must order.  Next, we ordered the ribs.  I can't even try to explain how wonderful this dish was.  The ribs were coated with a blackberry and jalapeno barbeque sauce; yummy!  There was no way we could partake in the white chocolate bread pudding that we all wanted to try.  The food was orgasmic.  I can’t believe we found a hidden jewel on our Girl’s Day Out day.  It was perfect.  

After eating all of that delicious food, we decided to go try on dresses.  Yes, I said we were going try on dresses immediately after we ate.  So we moseyed on over to the Riverwalk Outlet Mall to partake in some shopping.

We found sales after sales in that place.  I found a dress on the clearance rack for $10 and when I got to the register the dress was $5, go me!  Jaycee found shoes and two shirts for under $30.  We were so excited to find items that were marked down so low.

We wanted to hit up H&M for more deals.  We didn’t want to move the car because that would mean that we would have to pay at another parking lot. So we decided to work the riverfront.  It was perfect.  We heard live music and was able to watch boats pass.  I suggested we catch the trolley but we just kept on walking and enjoying the scenery. 

We got to H&M and the signs stated 70% off. There were racks of clothing for $20, $10 and some for $5.  Some of the jewelry was marked down to $3.  We found so much stuff.  Of course we are girls, so finding a lot of stuff to try on and play dress up made this visit even better.

All and all, it was a quick day but we all had fun.  With that being said, we are planning another adventure soon. So stay tuned.  

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