Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Friend’s Escapades: Snooping in the Phone

During one of our “Girl’s Day Out” the topic of “Going through your boyfriend phone” came up. This is always a touchy subject because some of us is for going through the phone and the others aren’t so keen on snooping.

So, Jess said the other night she and Ralph were sitting on the sofa.  He got up to go in the bathroom and she did the ultimate betrayal to their relationship. She opened his phone, after watching him put in his passcode several times.  She said the found text messages from some friends and a couple of females. One particular female was asking about getting together.  She wasn’t sure if half of the conversation was deleted but she said it did not make sense.  It was like she was asking questions and he wouldn’t respond with an appropriate answer.  She said the female was an ex of his. She said the conversation went something like this when she confronted him about it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Parenting: Dating the DMV!

It was time for my younger son to get his driver’s license; I can’t believe he is ready to drive already.   Since it was time for him to get his license which meant I would have to start dating the DMV!  I am not sure if any of you have experienced getting your child a DL, but this story is one for the books.

To begin my “dating” process, Zay had to take driver’s education for a week.  He had to get the driver’s book to study and complete the class.  He did exceptionally well and he was ready for the next step, which was get his permit. Getting the permit wasn’t that horrible of a journey.  We got to the DMV, he took the test, passed it and took the picture for his permit.  That was the best date the DMV and I had.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friends Escapades: Girls' Day Out

Tee, Jaycee and I enjoyed a girls' day out recently. We all just needed a day away from kids, boyfriends and work.  We had an awesome time!  We left for the city early, so we had time to catch lunch, shop and shoot the crap.  Tee met me at my house, because we were going to ride with Jaycee.  She arrived around 9:30 am.   

Once we got on the road, we began the truth conversation.  Meaning, if anyone of us asked the other a question, it had to be truthful.  Wow, did this open our eyes to our previous and current relationships as well as future plans.  Without spilling the tea, let’s just say it was extra juicy! Heck, I learned a lot about them and myself.