Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fitness: Bringing Mission 15 Back

Yea, yea! I know, I have been talking about these missions for a while.  Believe it or not they actually work; well if you stay focus.  If you don’t remember what Mission 15 is; click here!  
Anyhoo, I am challenging myself again because Thanksgiving put me over the edge for my weight containment.  During Thanksgiving, Bayou Classic is on our annual schedule of family activities, which, that brings about worse eating & drinking habits. It is something about Mother’s chicken, Harrah’s 4am breakfast, The Mercedes Superdome’s Bloody Mary’s and not to mention Gene’s Po’boys after the game, mmm!  To go a step further, if you ever visit my mother’s house during this time, her potato pies are delectable and will put on some extra pounds on because you can’t just be content with just one slice.
So, Christmas is coming up and I have several parties to attend.  One for work and a few for family and friends.  We also have a family photo shoot coming up. Hence, I want to look fabulous in my dresses or whatever I decide to wear because I want to “wear them well”!  Therefore, I am bringing Mission 15 back on the scene.
With all of that being said, I know my time is very limited to achieve my goal. However, I am determined to reach my goal. I have curbed my bad eating habits and haven’t consumed any alcohol beverages. 


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