Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Countdown to Christmas: 8 Days & Counting…

This weekend was a great one. EP flew in for a visit and to help celebrate my middle child’s birthday.  We took Zay to a Pelicans game in the city.  My son was really stoked about going and he thoroughly enjoyed the game.  He also was able to score a picture with the New Orleans Pelican Dance Team; you go boy!  We couldn’t keep the kid from blushing. 
My two guys was able to get me to the mall on Saturday.  I hate going to the mall around Christmas time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping but not when the stores are overcrowded and people are pushing and shoving.  It is something about being in tight places with a lot of people as well as the darn heat is on explode in the stores, that I just can’t handle.  However, I was able to get two gifts off of my list. My brother maybe impressed this year; two down, MANY to go.

Hey, I have to let you know that I have overcome one of my food unknowns, something I said I would never try.  I tried raw oysters for the first time.  I have eaten oysters before but they had to be “chargrilled” in order for me to eat them.  They were pretty good; well with crackers and a lot of hot sauce, of course!

Christmas Quote:
I don’t want much for Christmas.  I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy, blessed and loved! Wishing you Snowflakes, friendship and Winter Cheer!  ~ Unknown
Happy Holidays

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