Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Countdown to Christmas: 13 Days & Counting…

It was a wonderful day in the office today.  We had a divisional office party; our department is divided into three different divisions.  We got together, played the “White Elephant Gift Exchange” game and watched “Home Alone”.   Pizza, chips, drinks, popcorn, fruits and presents were all available. 

This was our message for our White Elephant Gift Exchange:
White Elephant gift is never purchased. Just look throughout your house, your garage, a dumpster, or any other area to find something that just begs to be passed on to a more appreciative recipient.  Also, remember to use a little caution in selecting the appropriate gift for the office environment, but not so much as to lessen the festive nature of this event.

Anyhoo, the present I picked at the “White Elephant Gift Exchange” was a box of hot stones for a foot massage.  Who wanted to give that away; EP look out, lol!  Oh yea, I have a tree up in my office; yea me!  Now, it really is starting to look a lot like Christmas!   
Christmas Quote:

It’s the month of Cakes & Candles; Snow & Songs.  Carols & Joys; Laughter & Love.  It’s December…

Happy Holidays

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