Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sidebar: The New Atlanta's Vawn's Philosophy Debate

After watching Vawn’s forum from Bravo’s The New Atlanta, one of my besties and I were debating his philosophy. He said that as long as you’re honest with women, you should be able to have sex with more than one woman. Not to mention that he is currently pursuing a lady and having her think that they are working on a relationship. Here is our debate:

Jeigh: Vawn is an ass. I agree with some of his philosophy about telling the truth but dang...does he have to be so blunt with Africa sitting there?
Shay: I agree that he is an ass, and I was so disappointed to hear his views at the forum he had for his book, with all those guys, but it was pretty 'eye opening,' don't you think, to realize that many men think it is ok to play the field with many different women, as long as they are being 'honest' with them? I think most men do this without being honest! It was completely disrespectful for him to flirt with Alex, with Africa sitting right there in front of him! I can't wait to see if Emily is going to share, the info she got from Tribble with Africa! By the way, I think that Tribble is ADORABLE!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Adventures: Riding the Bus

EP wanted me to come and visit on a spur of the moment type of thing. I have put so many miles on my car driving back and forth from house to house, that we decided to try taking the bus.  So, we scheduled the trip on Wednesday for me to leave on Thursday after work.  Any one of my friends will tell you that: 1. I am a chicken, 2. I don’t like people in my personal space, & 3. I am impatient. None of this makes for bus riding material.

Any hoo, Thursday came and it was bus-riding time.  I get to the bus station with a few minutes to people watch.  There was this man that had his shirt tucked into his underwear, and they were brown, YUK!  Have you ever been to a Greyhound station? It has great writing material, but I digress.  I found a seat and sat down next to this guy that was looking around as skeptical as I was.  He asked me if I had ridden the bus before and I told him that I usually drive.  He said he does too and we should consider carpooling if the bus thing doesn’t work out. We got on the bus and everything was moving smoothly.  We decided to sit next to each other so no one else would be tempted to sit with us.