Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Mixer: The Kids Meet Up

EP and I had been planning the perfect time for our kids to meet.  We finally decided to have everyone get together the weekend of his work family picnic.  Being that my children met EP during his vacation for the Mardi Gras holiday and I met his daughter during a road trip to Atlanta, we felt comfortable and ready to have the children finally met.

Like anything else that has to do with family mixings, I was very nervous about this, because I was taking my children into his element as our children meet.  Sometimes when children meet, that can make or break a relationship; trust me, I have seen it firsthand

My kids and I began our journey to Atlanta.  We started our journey really late because traffic where we live was extremely crazy.  We got into Atlanta late so EP decided to pick up his daughter in the morning. 

The following morning we all got up pretty early and headed out to pick up EP’s daughter.   We picked her up from her mother’s place of employment.   We introduced the kids to each other and they hit if off without a hitch. 

Next, we went to the mall.  We needed to get a few things and that give the kids something to do.  I noticed that my daughter and his daughter bonded really quickly. 

We got back to EP’s home and we all crashed.  We decided once everyone awakened from a nap, we would get out and tour downtown a bit.  EP wanted to run to the barber shop which made my son happy- he wanted to get his hair cut, too.  The girls and I would find something to do while they got groomed.

So, we headed downtown to the barber shop.  The barber shop is located across the street from Woodruff Park.  You could see several people playing chess and we saw a movie being filmed here while EP was getting his hair cut.  The guys got in their chair and we; the girls started our adventure of walking around downtown.  If you have been to this part of Atlanta, then you know this is where a lot of homeless people hang out, so that freaked out the girls.  Our adventure was short-lived; we just grabbed smoothies from Smoothie King and went back to watch the guys.

After the guys were all groomed up, we walked over to the Underground to entertain the kids. I enjoyed this time because we all were together and the kids were really having a good time.  Of course with any children, we soon heard those words; “I am hungry!”  EP and I wanted the kids to see the CNN center and we would grab a pizza at my favorite spot; Max’s so, we headed over there. We had to park a good distance away from the CNN center because there was a concert going on at the Philips Arena.  With three tweens that was nothing.
We toured the lobby of the CNN center and the kids found the revolving door to be a great place to play.  I remember those days when you would find anything to be entertained.  After spinning around and around we started walking back towards Max’s but EP and Zay spotted Taco Mac.  So they bee-lined straight over there; forget my pizza, right? Next time the girls will lead!

While there, I just sat back and watched my family mix with his.  The kids were getting along with no arguing over anything. They were sharing food and asking to be friends with each other on social sites.  You have no idea how this made me feel.  To know that the most important people in my life are enjoying being around each other! 

Anyhoo, after eating we ventured over to the famous Auburn Avenue.  This is where Ebenezer Baptist church is located, as well as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthplace and final resting places are located.  The EP/Jeigh's gang appreciated this moment.  We finally got home and got everyone snuggled in for the amusement park the next day.  

The amusement park was fun.  I met some of EP's coworkers and was able to put faces to some names.  The kids left us to start their adventure at the park.  Yes we had to find them!  EP and I rode the “boring” rides because he doesn’t really like the thrill rides.  The kids rode as many as they could with the lines being over an hour long.  It was so hot out there, my feet turned red like crawfish. Again, they were inseparable. I think this is the first time I have seen kids ask their parents to leave.  They were ready to go before EP and I were, haha!  We wore them out!  

So, it was our turn to have fun. We got the kids in the car and told them that we were going to Lenox Mall for a couple of things.  If you could have seen the look on their faces, priceless!  Five minutes into the ride, they were leaning on each other for cushion.  Therefore, we didn’t stay in Lenox too long; my babies were tired!

I can say, that weekend made me feel really good about the direction our relationship is headed in.  We are planning another family mixer in the near future.  Stay tuned because the parents have yet to meet each other. 

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