Monday, June 17, 2013

Girl’s Night: Jess & Jeigh Hit the Streets

One of my girlfriends called and asked if I wanted to go to a local “grown folks” spot on Friday.  Being that Jess was dealing with a disappearance as well as EP and I just recently had a disagreement over something trivial, she suggested that we needed a girls night.   After being apprehensive, I decided to go ahead and say yes. 

Friday came around and I got all dolled up.  I selected a pair of black shorts, a black sequin racer back shirt, along with a pair of 5 ½ inch stilettoes in black black.  Pulled my hair up into a bun and was ready to hit the streets with Jess. 

Jess scooped me up and we made it to Famous Theater around 11 pm, which was a perfect time to get there.  The crowd had thinned out some and the music was jamming. We walked in and was greeted by the bouncer saying, “Welcome, beautiful ladies. I hope you enjoy your night.”  I knew right then that getting out was the best thing to do. 

We walked up to the bar and order some sweet drinks.  I don’t do sweet drinks anymore because they get you drunk faster.  However, it took me a very long time to get that drink down. We decided to walk over to the other side of the place where there were couches. It is quitter and had less people on that side.

During the time of trying to get that drink down, we were approached by a nice looking guy.  He sat down on the opposite couch where we were sitting and tried to join into our conversation. Anyone who knows me could figure how I looked at this guy, lol!  Well, I looked at him with a look of, ‘what the hell do you want?’  He said, “dang do you have to give me such an ugly look?’  I laughed and said, “I am sorry but you just sat here and stuck yourself into our mix.”  He introduced himself.  His name was Marcus, he's Dominican and in town on business. All of us chatted a few more minutes then he asked us to accompany him to the bar.  He said that we should be drinking 'real' drinks!  

When we approached that bar, he asked us our names and of course those famous questions; Are you married? Are you dating? Do you have any kids?  Where are you from?  Oh boy, the interview process was a bit overbearing.  After the boundaries were established, we laughed, danced and enjoyed the rest of the night.  

When it was time to leave, Jess and Malcolm exchanged phone numbers in hopes to keep in touch.  Jess and I got in the car and fell out laughing.  We were laughing because this dude really thought he could get us drunk.  I thanked Jess for getting me out of the house and told her we need to do this more often.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was call EP.  So I did.  I shared my adventures of my night with him.  All he could do was laugh and say, “Babe, I am so glad you decided to get out and enjoy yourself.” 

So thanks to Jess, I was able to release, laugh and step back for a night. Therefore, stay tuned for more outings with my girls. You will never know what kinds of mischief we can, or will, get into!  

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