Monday, June 17, 2013

Girl’s Night: Jess & Jeigh Hit the Streets

One of my girlfriends called and asked if I wanted to go to a local “grown folks” spot on Friday.  Being that Jess was dealing with a disappearance as well as EP and I just recently had a disagreement over something trivial, she suggested that we needed a girls night.   After being apprehensive, I decided to go ahead and say yes. 

Friday came around and I got all dolled up.  I selected a pair of black shorts, a black sequin racer back shirt, along with a pair of 5 ½ inch stilettoes in black black.  Pulled my hair up into a bun and was ready to hit the streets with Jess. 

Jess scooped me up and we made it to Famous Theater around 11 pm, which was a perfect time to get there.  The crowd had thinned out some and the music was jamming. We walked in and was greeted by the bouncer saying, “Welcome, beautiful ladies. I hope you enjoy your night.”  I knew right then that getting out was the best thing to do. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Love Lost: The Relationship That Changed Me

Sebastian came into my life when I was not expecting to meet a man.  I truly believed in fate and that there is someone for everyone.  I also believed that I had found that in Sebastian.  He was definitely my soul mate.  I could share things with him and not be judged. He would listen and show concern when I told him what was on my mind.  He could even recall what I had told him at a later time; a memory like an elephant!  He was a wonderful person who brightened my life.  I wanted to share everything I had with him.  I was willing to make all of his pain, stress and suffering go away.  I did not want to expect anything or be on a different level with him.  I knew that I really cared for Sebastian.  He would tell me that he loved and wanted to be with me as well.  When we were together, I felt that I was very important to him.  I must tell you that I was truly happy, emotionally and physically with Sebastian. The more time that we would spend together; the more time I wanted to spend with him. 

After our relationship was in full swing, Sebastian would disappear. What I mean is, when I would call him, he would not return my calls for hours or even days.  Hell, I may not hear from him for weeks    I would send text messages and would receive no responses.  When he called or texted, his excuse always had something to do with work. 

When Sebastian did return my calls, he would tell me that he was still fully vested in our relationship.  He told me worry when he would tell me that it was over.   He never understood how his disappearing acts bothered me.  You know my dumb, green, blinded by love ass, believed him and keep the faith in our relationship.