Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Friend's Escapades: A Cold Disappearance

A few days ago, during my time of writing my tell all blog entry about the relationship the changed my life (coming very soon), one of my girlfriends called to have girlfriend talk; I have her permission to share this with you.  She told me that she was finished and done with her Boo.  I was a little set back because she had meet him about a month ago and she was all gung ho about him. So of course I had to ask her for details.  She opened up the flood gates and went to sharing. 

She met this guy on Facebook and they started texting and messaging from that point on. He is her fraternal brother so of course she knew she had snagged a potential partner. He was on her level.

She went on to say they meet up one weekend and she had a blast with him. He even went so far as to introduce her to his parents and other family members; sounds great, doesn’t it?  They bonded like a true couple. The conversations had turned into spending more time together.  They even scheduled weekend getaways in the near future.  Things were looking up until he got the “crumb cake”.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Hand Knowledge of a Player

The other night, EP and I were partaking in some fun at Dave and Busters.  When this nice couple walks up to the bar and have a sit next to us.  I turned and noticed that the girl was a beautiful girl and the guy was good looking as well. 

After a drink, the girl ask her Boo for a couple of dollars to go play some games. He handed her the money. Before she could walked off, he leaned over, kissed her and told her he loves her; aww so sweet!

Now hold on, because this is where I lost all respect for this guy.  He turns around to locate where she went.  When he spotted her, he turned back around, picked up his phone and began to text a chick.  I know you are asking how I know this.  Well, he placed his phone next to me on the bar.  His phone lit up and a chick’s name appeared.  Apparently, he must have told her that she was “just a friend”, because her name appeared when the messages came through.  Anyhoo, he would text this girl then turn around to see if his girl was in the same place. This went on for about fifteen minutes.