Friday, April 12, 2013

Love Spats: Raising the Red Flag

Sitting at lunch the other day and one of my coworkers hit the “round-table” with a question.  Usually we ask each other questions of all sorts; ranging from dating to purchasing vehicles. This particular question made everyone chime in on the subject.

Here goes the question/scenario:
My friend, Candy went to MAC to get a makeover done. She was interested in changing the way she looks.  Here is the kicker, she has never worn any forms of makeup, not even lipstick.  She goes home, all dolled up and express to her husband that she wants to start wearing makeup.  Now, she is all discouraged because he is rather upset with this whole thing.

 As soon as I heard the scenario, I thought “change of behavior”!  She changed her behavior and that threw up a red flag for her husband to start thinking of all sorts of things.  Yes, men do get those insecurities too; in which they don’t like to admit it.  In this case, this would be one that would raise that red flag for insecurity.   They start thinking that she may be changing because she is interested in someone else. 

Now ladies, we do the same when our guys change something about themselves or if they do something in a different manner. We jump all out of the boat if one thing is changed; I am very guilty of this action.   Usually our suspicions are correct but sometimes they just want to change things about them to get a “compliment” from us. 

Give me your feedback… If your girl/guy comes home and have changed something or does something out of the ordinary; would this raise a red flag for you?  

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