Thursday, April 4, 2013

Living Single: A Night Out On The Town

Once again, I had the opportunity to treat myself to a night out on the town.  Being that EP is three states away and I really wanted to see the Tyler Perry movie, I decided to go at it alone. 

I started my date off with passing by the mall. I actually had intentions of just window shopping but ended up purchasing several things that caught my eye a while ago. The items were finally on sale, yes, I must admit, I am a bargin shopper, and it was time for me to snatch them up.  I ended up buying a pair of shoes and clothing.  I did manage to put something else on my watch-list, so I will be back to get them later; yes, more shoes

After leaving the mall, what’s a date without dinner, right?  So, I hopped over to Serop’s Express, which is a Greek & Lebanese spot that I love.  I ordered a Chicken Shawarma salad along with wheat pita bread.  I usually get my salad to go, but being that I was on a date, I stayed and enjoyed the salad.   Of course, this gave me an opportunity to do some people watching.  

Around this time, I started thinking, do I still want to go to the movie, because it was getting pretty late.  I really wanted to see Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” movie.  But before deciding to go see the movie, I quizzed Facebook & Twitter for feedback, on the movie.  I read some reviews that ranged from, “the movie was horrible, to “this was Tyler’s best movie yet”.  One common phrase or statement that was made was the “message” will hit home. I noticed that it was getting pretty close to the movie time, so I gathered my things and proceeded towards the theater. 

I got to the theater with five minutes to spare.  I went up to the ticket counter and asked for a movie ticket to see the movie.  Once again, I had to get someone else’s feedback on the film.  The ticket lady said that she enjoyed the movie but hated the ending, kind of some of the things I read.  Told her thanks and headed towards the doors.

Once inside, I noticed some couples, but more of girlfriends hanging out together.  I know most men think that Tyler Perry’s movies are “chick flicks”, so I wasn’t too surprised not to see many men there.  Yes, I did get that stare that I was at the movie alone, but you know me, I am a soldier now since I have completed this milestone before.  Well, I got to my seat just in time to half miss the credits, woo hoo!

The movie started off rather slow and I was a little confused with some of the parts in the movie.  The lead characters were great, but Kim and Lance needs to take acting lessons if they want to continue to be in movies.  Every review I read said, “The lesson will hit home” and I be darn if it didn’t.  No, I am not talking about the cheating but what comes along with cheating is what I got out of this movie.  However, the movie was good and relatable. I just wish the ending had been better.

Even though I would have preferred to have a date night with EP, I really enjoyed my “alone” time.  I am so proud of myself because I can add this to my list of accomplishments. I will continue to treat and love myself by putting me first!   


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