Friday, April 12, 2013

Love Spats: Raising the Red Flag

Sitting at lunch the other day and one of my coworkers hit the “round-table” with a question.  Usually we ask each other questions of all sorts; ranging from dating to purchasing vehicles. This particular question made everyone chime in on the subject.

Here goes the question/scenario:
My friend, Candy went to MAC to get a makeover done. She was interested in changing the way she looks.  Here is the kicker, she has never worn any forms of makeup, not even lipstick.  She goes home, all dolled up and express to her husband that she wants to start wearing makeup.  Now, she is all discouraged because he is rather upset with this whole thing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Love Spats: Men and the Remote Control

My coworker and I were asking each other if we had watch our shows, Dallas and Kim & Kourtney Takes Miami (KKTM).  I told her that I was able to watch some of Dallas but did get a chance to catch up on all of the episodes of KKTM. She then told me she had missed them because her beau was pouting because he wasn’t getting enough attention. 

She went on to tell me that they are constantly fighting over the remote.  She said he even clutches it in a death grip when he is asleep. I laughed for a second and realized that EP does the same.

I began to enlighten her on my tug-a-war with EP and the remote.  I told her that I get to watch Sports Center or any other sports stations when we are together. If I try and go in the other room, then he pouts.  I usually have to go digging for the remote when he falls asleep.  But he fixed that by turning the TV off before he goes to sleep.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Living Single: A Night Out On The Town

Once again, I had the opportunity to treat myself to a night out on the town.  Being that EP is three states away and I really wanted to see the Tyler Perry movie, I decided to go at it alone. 

I started my date off with passing by the mall. I actually had intentions of just window shopping but ended up purchasing several things that caught my eye a while ago. The items were finally on sale, yes, I must admit, I am a bargin shopper, and it was time for me to snatch them up.  I ended up buying a pair of shoes and clothing.  I did manage to put something else on my watch-list, so I will be back to get them later; yes, more shoes