Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Mixer: Meeting The Family

It's been several months since EP started swimming in that uncharted river so; he is scheduled to fly back for a visit soon.  What will be different about this trip is, he will meet my family.   Yes, I am almost ready to say I have a boyfriend (manfriend) but; that family approval is needed first!  

Being that I have been married, and through other break ups, my family isn’t accepting of men, anymore.  Sometimes I understand their position on this, because my last boyfriend was really involved with my family.  Therefore, I wasn’t the only person that had broken feelings because that relationship didn’t work.  After, that break up, they were like, “don’t bring anyone else around us!”  But here I am again; about to do what they asked me not to do; chuckle! 

Learning from that relationship, I became the type of person that will not introduce anyone to my family until I know we have established forward progression.  For instance, I am not introducing a person that may want to take me to dinner from time to time or a guy that has “commitment” issues, to my family circle.  I am a family oriented person and being around, or doing things with my family, is a must for anyone I am dating.

Thus, I am a little nervous about him meeting my family; let me not lie, I am super nervous!  I know he can handle himself and he has shown me that forward progression is in the plans.  However, can he handle the “Mom” test? You may laugh, but moms are the hardest cookies in the bunch, especially “my” mom!  She is a no nonsense type of lady.  If she doesn’t like you, you will know it immediately!  If she likes you, she is sweet as pie!

As a result, I hope he is ready!  I will let you know how the visit turns out.  Do you think he will pass the “mom” test?

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