Monday, February 25, 2013

Sidebar: Stalker Alert

Recently, it was brought to my attention that I am being cyber-stalked.  This person has been following all of my social media involvement.  The funny thing is he isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; well, to my knowledge!  Therefore, I am not really sure how he is getting his information about me, giggling as I type.
 “Oh sorry, let me let you in on who it is…It is my ex-boyfriend.  He is harmless and I am not in any immediate danger!”  
I have an idea, but not completely certain,this is the way he is finding out my whereabouts; you little sneaky devil.  He knows some very key things that are going on with me and has expressed some concern about them.  I guess I still run across his mind or he is missing what we had; ahem!  

Anyhoo, I think it is so funny because of the way we ended things.  Our relationship ended on a real sour note; he lied, he cheated and he got caught; bam!  Yes, he is one of the guys I referred to in my blog entry “Why Am I Single”!  We have not spoken or run into each other in a while.  I do know for certain that he is in a committed relationship.  Again, I am not sure why he is stalking my social media involvement or worrying about what I have going on over here; unless I am just that unforgettable *chuckling*!  

I have read some blog entries and run up on some tweets on my timeline that other people have mention they have stalkers too.  I would never have guessed that I would have a person wanting to know so darn much about me or that “he” would be cyber-stalking me; I am still in astonishment!  I guess I can add my name to their list!  Can I call myself a Celebrity, yet? 

Have you ran across any information or have some one told you that your exes are still wanting to know your whereabouts; stalking you?  If so, tell me your story.

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