Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year In Review

It has been a year since I started transferring my thoughts from paper to this blog. This blog has been my outlet!  A piece of me that I wanted to share and a place that has helped me understand that I too, am a mess!   I have shared my dates, adventures, and my journeys within my single life. 

Let’s recap:
  • I have pondered over recycling my ex and getting that phone call from an ex asking to rekindle the old flame.
  • I went on several dates. One alone, perfect dates and some that made me want to quit searching for Mr. Jeigh altogether!  However, they made me realize what I am willing to accept and not tolerate!
  • I have shared closing a major chapter in my life and realizing that I pushed a person away because I didn’t know what I wanted.
  • I met my guy but it happened to be wrong timing for us. Then ventured into uncharted territory with a guy that has “Excellent Potential”!
  • Understood why “Single Life” works best for me.
  • Began self-improvement. Applied challenges to myself by creating; Mission 15!
  • Discussed cheating!
This year was a crazy one. I went from a heartbreaking breakup, understanding and accepting being single, to possibly meeting Mr. Jeigh.  I plan to continue to share my humor and seriousness with you!  I may even venture into blogging about other things…just an idea! 

My actual handwritten blog postings!

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