Monday, January 21, 2013

Sidebar: Cable Hunting

Recently, I moved and my new place has a huge tree blocking the line of sight for service with Directv.  Therefore, I had to begin shopping around for cable service.  I have had my cable service with Directv for years and have grown to love the service.  
Shopping for cable service sucked because we are only offered Cox and they truly suck!!!!  I did not want new service and yet alone with Cox.  They are a monopoly company which means that they are price gouging and their customer service is very lacking! 

Later, I began to vent to a coworker about the price, she suggested that I look into At&t U-verse!  She was telling me about the packages that were being offered and she was thinking about switching.  A friend also suggested them as well; because her friend has the service and loves it.  I proceeded onto the website to see what they had to offer.

When I saw the package deals and the prices they were offering I screamed “Hallelujah, I found my cable service”.   I was able to get all channels, including Movie channels, Internet and Whole home DVR service for more than half the cost of what Cox wanted for their service; poof pow be gone, Cox, that your service and shove it!!  Without hesitation, I signed up.  I am without cable for a month, but it will be well worth it!
I guess with anything, you have to do your homework!  Shop around for who has better deals and vent to friends; it helps!  I will let you know how At&t U-verse compares to Directv, later!    So, until then, looks like I will be watching movies and camping out on friends sofas!    

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