Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Does This Single Girl Do at Christmas?

Year after year since my divorce, I have been alone (no guy friend) to spend the Christmas holiday with.  I know you are asking “what about EP?” Well EP has to work and being that we are still trying to see if we want a relationship, I am spending Christmas alone once again.

Last year, I had surgery and was recuperating around the Christmas holiday.  All I could do was sit around on my mom’s green recliner with meds and a soft white pillow that helped ease the pain from the stitches, very painful!   There really was not much of anything I could do.   I could not go to Christmas parties or visit family members.  I was stuck at my mom’s house in that chair!!!!  Not to mention I was not in a relationship with anyone so spending quality time with a “love interest” wasn't in the cards.

So again, this holiday is upon us and I foresee myself being alone/single again.  I think this year I have a different plan of action.  Since I have come full circle with the realization that I am single and alone, I will handle this Christmas holiday with the same advice I gave for Valentine’s Day

Therefore, I will do the following: 
  • Try out new drinks recipes that I snagged from Pinterest (if you aren’t pinning, you are truly missing out)!  What better way to deal with being alone than having a few cocktails, right?  
  • Get all dolled up in a cute dress or a nice pair of jeans with some smoking hot five-inch high heels.  
  • Finding a Christmas party to attend or a free family member to hang out with.  Who knows, where Santa might be hiding my “Christmas present”!
  • Go shopping!  Been eyeing a purse for a while.
  • Spend valuable time with my family.
  • Appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.  

Any other advice for this Single Chick at Christmas?

from: Jeigh


  1. my only advice is to not let being single during the holidays get you down...and it looks like your list of possible things to do won't allow that to happen. love on the babies and share those drink pics on Instagram!

    1. Thanks Miss Donna!! I don't plan on being "down and out" for the Christmas Holiday! I will post the drinks! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!