Friday, December 14, 2012

Uncharted Territory: The Discussion

EP and I were chatting about what he wanted. He said he would love to come home with me opening the door saying, "Good morning Honey!" and he would reply,  "Good morning Honeybun!"  Basically he was saying that he would love for us to live together.  So we begin to have a huge discussion about moving!

I asked him would he move to where I am.  He said that he would love to move here but he prefers to stay closer to his daughter.  He then told me that it would be hard for me to move because my children are grounded here.  He said he would prefer me to move there so we could get a place together.

This discussion made me start thinking about how strong does a long distance relationship have to be and how long can it last?  I have to reiterate that he said again, that he isn’t scared of being in a long distance relationship and he is willing to make it work.  However, will we be able to maintain a serious relationship being so far apart? 

Therefore, I am willing to visit, call, text, Skype, tango, Facetime  and do all the necessary things with him.  I will include him in decisions while we are apart.  Also, send him pictures of what I am doing, as well as get approval on things.  He promises to do the same!

I think we will try the distance for three years.  Yeah, I know it is a long time for two people to be apart, but we are determined to be together.  Why three years you may ask?  That is when my son and his daughter graduates out of high school and my daughter will be entering into high school.  We think that would be the perfect time for a transition of this magnitude.  We also think at that time, we will be able to move our relationship into the next level, wow, I am actually thinking of giving up my single life to venture into a long term relationship, go Mr, EP! 

What’s your take on long distance relationships? Do they work? Any advice? 

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