Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Does This Single Girl Do at Christmas?

Year after year since my divorce, I have been alone (no guy friend) to spend the Christmas holiday with.  I know you are asking “what about EP?” Well EP has to work and being that we are still trying to see if we want a relationship, I am spending Christmas alone once again.

Last year, I had surgery and was recuperating around the Christmas holiday.  All I could do was sit around on my mom’s green recliner with meds and a soft white pillow that helped ease the pain from the stitches, very painful!   There really was not much of anything I could do.   I could not go to Christmas parties or visit family members.  I was stuck at my mom’s house in that chair!!!!  Not to mention I was not in a relationship with anyone so spending quality time with a “love interest” wasn't in the cards.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Uncharted Territory: The Discussion

EP and I were chatting about what he wanted. He said he would love to come home with me opening the door saying, "Good morning Honey!" and he would reply,  "Good morning Honeybun!"  Basically he was saying that he would love for us to live together.  So we begin to have a huge discussion about moving!

I asked him would he move to where I am.  He said that he would love to move here but he prefers to stay closer to his daughter.  He then told me that it would be hard for me to move because my children are grounded here.  He said he would prefer me to move there so we could get a place together.

This discussion made me start thinking about how strong does a long distance relationship have to be and how long can it last?  I have to reiterate that he said again, that he isn’t scared of being in a long distance relationship and he is willing to make it work.  However, will we be able to maintain a serious relationship being so far apart?