Monday, November 12, 2012

Work in Progress: Communication

I know relationships are hard to maintain and you have to put in work for them to be successful.  Therefore, I dug deeper into what else I need to work on before I venture into any other relationships.  

I started with my issue of communication, especially after speaking with a friend lately.  He said that this was one of my major hiccups.   So, let’s take a look at what is going on:

I believe that communication should flow both ways.  However, after all of the games and foolery that I have gone through with others, I have noticed that my communication is lacking lately!  I don’t give a potential the opportunity to make a mistake; I just jump right into my objective (you have to call or text me).

I am saying that if I call someone, they should return the call or at least acknowledge that I did call.  Even further, return the phone calls and/or leave a message, in a timely manner.  Remember in today’s society when EVERYONE is on their phone, some calls do not go through.  Which means LEAVE a voicemail!  If I text you, again you should text me back; self-explanatory right?

This is where I make a relationship go sour.  If the person that I trying to get to know or even dating, don’t return phone calls or text messages, I begin to fall by the waist side.  I will then give them enough rope to hang with confusion on their face.  Meaning, that if a guy continues to not return my phone calls or text messages, I begin to let them contact me when they are free!  Around this time, I begin to pull back and I am way passed the idea of a relationship with that person. 

Of course, at this point I get the questions like; hello, why haven’t you called me? Or umm, why are you acting funny?  My usual response is what I said earlier, “Well, it seemed as if you have been busy, so I figured you will get at me when you find time.”  I will then reiterate to them “call or text when I cross your mind”, enough said!  

I have found that men hate this because you aren’t blowing up their phones or “CHASING” them; and, this Chick will not chase again!  This causes a big rift with the guys I meet and they think that I am not interested in them!  Which may not be the cause; it is just my crazy way of letting them show me that THEY are interested in me!  It just goes back to the foolishness from previous relationships!!!

What’s your take on my issue?  How can I do better?  Help…


  1. i think expectations have to be clearly set. one person's definition of timely can be totally different from the next person's. i do agree that if one person is making all the effort to communicate, then it does come across as if the other person isn't interested. why bother?!

    1. Miss Donna, I totally agree with you! I just have to work on giving the "newbies" a chance to mess up before I go in for the kill. Thanks for the feedback!