Monday, November 19, 2012

Drifting: A Divided Couple

I have never considered being in a relationship where the guy and I didn’t agree on mutual college, NFL or NBA teams, until now.   We don’t share any teams in common. This brings disagreement on Thursday, when we do football picks for college and pro teams.  

Being that he lives in a different state, he follows all of his state's teams.  Not to mention that his state’s NFL team (Dirty Birds, Falcons) is a long-time rival for my state’s (Saints) team.  We are truly a divided couple and I foresee this as being a huge problem for us! We shall see! 

It isn’t just football; it is basketball too.  I am a true Lakers fan and he LOVES the Hawks.  I am really happy they don’t have to play each other, but there is a lot of crap talking about each other’s favorite teams!  He does want me to go to a Hawks vs. Heat game!   I will need some serious meds before I attend this game, because  I totally dislike the Heat!  

When our opposing teams met up, my Saints beat his Falcons, oh boy!!.  Mr. Diehard Fan, didn’t speak to me for a couple of hours.  Eventually, he called to congratulate me on my win, but he wasn’t very happy about it.  I asked him “do you still like me?” He said “not at this moment!” kmsl!!!   Of course, he had to add that our teams have to meet up again and the Falcons will win, hopefully not!  

Hence, it will be funny to see how we can maintain a relationship that is divided by sport teams.  I sure hope our families and beliefs on certain things are okay!  We don't need to find anything else we are divided on! 

I am not sure if Mr. EP will continue to survive this uncharted river of Jeigh’s hopefuls.  But then again, he is showing that he has phenomenal swimming techniques!    I'll keep you posted! 

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