Monday, November 19, 2012

Drifting: A Divided Couple

I have never considered being in a relationship where the guy and I didn’t agree on mutual college, NFL or NBA teams, until now.   We don’t share any teams in common. This brings disagreement on Thursday, when we do football picks for college and pro teams.  

Being that he lives in a different state, he follows all of his state's teams.  Not to mention that his state’s NFL team (Dirty Birds, Falcons) is a long-time rival for my state’s (Saints) team.  We are truly a divided couple and I foresee this as being a huge problem for us! We shall see! 

It isn’t just football; it is basketball too.  I am a true Lakers fan and he LOVES the Hawks.  I am really happy they don’t have to play each other, but there is a lot of crap talking about each other’s favorite teams!  He does want me to go to a Hawks vs. Heat game!   I will need some serious meds before I attend this game, because  I totally dislike the Heat!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Work in Progress: Matter of Marriage

I am still digging deeper within myself so I can fix my issues before I venture into the next relationship.  My next issue, that needs attention, is the matter of marriage.

When it comes to marriage, this topic usually is the nail in the coffin!  I have been married before and it was an eye opener for me.  There were good days and of course in any marriage, there were those unbearable days.  Because I have been though a marriage I am hesitant about marrying again; who isn’t, right?  

Going through the divorce to end that marriage, wasn’t like most. We didn’t fight over anything but it was still a low time in my life.  We both knew it was over and time to put our energy elsewhere.  We are better now as friends.  Divorce for anyone can be difficult and it just something that I don’t want to experience again.  Some "love struck" people may say that I will find that RIGHT one and divorce may not be an option, but I am a realist that crap happens.   

Monday, November 12, 2012

Work in Progress: Communication

I know relationships are hard to maintain and you have to put in work for them to be successful.  Therefore, I dug deeper into what else I need to work on before I venture into any other relationships.  

I started with my issue of communication, especially after speaking with a friend lately.  He said that this was one of my major hiccups.   So, let’s take a look at what is going on:

I believe that communication should flow both ways.  However, after all of the games and foolery that I have gone through with others, I have noticed that my communication is lacking lately!  I don’t give a potential the opportunity to make a mistake; I just jump right into my objective (you have to call or text me).

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Love Lost: Closing a Chapter

Recently, I closed a major chapter in my life.  I finally realized that the guy I loved and slightly waited for, for some time now, wasn’t going to be by my side as Mr. Jeigh.  I didn’t do the letting go and if he comes back to me, then it is meant to be; routine.  I just decided it was time and walked away.  

I truly believe that all the relationships that followed this relationship were all sabotaged because of my holding on.  With each preliminary round of hopefuls, they didn’t compare to CC or to what I believed I wanted in a relationship.  I have grasped that I have compared every other guy to him and it was truly unfair to these guys and relationships, yes it was all my fault!