Monday, October 22, 2012

Adventure: Mr. Excellent Potential

A few months ago, I began conversing with a guy that turned out to be someone I am really digging.  He has excellent potential to be Mr. Jeigh, yes, I think I have found him!   He is on my level.  He meets all of the standards that are listed on my Beau Material Checklist.

I met Mr. Excellent Potential (EP) in a social setting on one of my getaways.  When I first saw him, his appearance captivated me.   Of course, I could not be myself, if I didn’t find something I didn’t like about him!  I noticed that he was wearing tennis shoes in this fine establishment, hey what can I say, I like a man in a suit!   My sister said, “Oh girl, see passed that stuff and get to know him”.   So, Jeigh went to work, bumping into him purposely and to my surprise he bumped back, cha -ching!  

He was the type of guy that let me do my thing while he watched and admired me, my kind of man, no jealousy!  Not to mention, he did keep me close while I was talking to other people, so he could whisper in my ear, “Haha, they have no chance”!  I swear I was getting attacked in this place by men and women, people, have you never seen a well put together female before, dang?  After Mr. EP had enough of the people stopping to talk to me, he made is move by pulling me closer to him!  We begin to talk, laugh, dance, and enjoy spending time together. 

We exchanged phone numbers and the communication has been on point ever since.    He isn’t afraid of long distance relationships and is willing to see where our relationship goes, so far so good!   He isn't afraid of commitment and is ready for a relationship.  He also told me that he does not introduce random people to his mother or daughter until he is in a relationship with them and expects the same, impressive! 

Certainly, this new adventure isn’t promised or making me want to change my “Living The Single Life” title, but it is pretty darn close!   So, we will see how we continue to drift into this uncharted territory.  Stay tuned to see if Mr. EP can stay afloat on this river of uncertainty...will he sink or will he swim?  

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