Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Living Single: Single & Totally Alone

Have you ever been single and been totally alone?  Well, that happened to me recently.  With my son being away in college and the other kids having fun with grandma, I spent some time completely alone.  There was no male companion blowing up my phone or asking to spend time with me. Along with no children asking to go places or asking to use the car. It was just me, myself and I lounging around the house with different thoughts rolling around in my head.

One of my thoughts was to get out of the house and go places.  There is a huge problem with this thought because I am female and by being female, going out alone isn’t safe.  I know some may do it, but this girl ISN’T!  I don’t have many girlfriends and plus the ones I do have are booed up.  Therefore, I know they wouldn’t want to hit the dating scene with me. So, that makes me resort back to finding things to do at home. 

Another thought was to call an ex to hang out. Ugh, why do this? Oh, I know, because I am ALONE!  That would bring back unnecessary drama that I do not need.  Making that call isn’t worth back pedaling for!  As well as, I don’twant to consider recycling his butt anyway!  So this thought was shot down, quickly!

My last thought was the best thought of the night.  It was to get a bottle of wine and get a movie.  I did just that!  I put on a big t-shirt, danced, sang and curled up on my sofa. You better believe, I enjoyed that unordinary alone time!  Doing a happy dance as I type! 

This alone time was needed and necessary!  I was able to get some things straight and put goals in motion personally and professionally.  In addition, I over came a serious step in my “Single Living” journey. I spent time totally alone and I killed the needing of being accompanied by someone!  

I have accepted that I am single and that there are times when I will have to do things alone.  However, I am not comfortable enough to hit the singles scene alone yet, but I am willing to step up and do some things TOTALLYALONE!  Kudos, to me!


  1. You could have called me...! **Binks** SMH....#chucks deuces