Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dating: The Cheater

I won the Three Month Challenge by a land slide.  His contract became null and void once I found out that he was MARRIED!  This hot information was brought to my attention when I showed a friend a picture of this Creep.  She threw my phone and said, “That is my cousin’s husband”.  We then went through the clarification of things just to make sure we were dealing with the same person. Sure enough he turned out to be her cousin-in-law. 

I know you are saying, “Jeigh, why didn’t you see the signs”?  Well, in actuality he had his game down to a science.  He shot down someone else that was interested in me by telling me that the gentleman was in a serious relationship.  He invited me to his home (told me exactly where he lives) to hang out and wanted me to meet his daughter.  He called me from a home phone and he called late from that phone.  I was also introduced to coworkers and his boss.  Plus he was throwing on “Three Month Challenge” so thick, that I didn’t think this fool would be married.  All of these were indicators that he wasn’t married, which I thought

Any friend of mine knows that I am not interested in having ANY dealings with a married man or attached man.  I really disapprove of cheating.  I have been there and don’t want to bring any hurt to anyone else.  I haven't spoken to this Creep since I found out about his marital status.  If I do get a chance to run into him (remember I know where he works) I do have some choice words to tell him. 

This was an eye opener for me. I have to go back to the basics and improve my keen senses.   I have to admit that he got one over on me, which do not happen often, I must have had an off day!  So please note: Married Men beware; you will not get the best of me, again!

Tell me what you think about cheating married men.  Have you had an incident like this before?  What did you do?  I would like to hear your feedback.


  1. dispicable. especially to bing in the kid! And to make you a joke for his coworkers. Shameful. I am not nor never cheated. Even during the worst times with my ex wife. I dont approve I think there are better ways of living. If you arent happy get the hell out! This sucks and sorry that it happened to you.

    1. I agree with you! Despicable and he was very wrong for introducing me to his coworkers. I commend you for not being one of these kinds of men. Thank you, but it helped me to see that I need to be more aware!