Monday, August 13, 2012

The Date from Hell

I met this guy on line and decided to share my phone number with him. He had struck my interest.  We began to chat via text and he mention that he wanted to meet me.  I should have known something was a little off with the brother because he couldn’t make a suggestion on where to go.  He said that he do not like to make suggestions that it is up to the lady to say where she wanted to go.  So after an hour of round robin, we decided to meet at 6 pm at the daiquiri shop. 

Well, 5 o’clock came around and he text me asking where I was. I told him I was at home. He asked if I was still going to meet him at the place.  I told him I still planned on meeting him.  He then said he was on his way.  I couldn't believe it; we were supposed to meet at 6 o’clock.  He could have let me know he was changing the time, strike 1. 
I rushed and got dressed.  I must have had some superpowers, because it took me no time to get dressed and get in the car.  While I was driving, he texted me and asked me again where I was.  I said I am on my way.  

He asked me again, where I was, in this authoritative tone. I responded with, “I said I was on the way. I am getting on Jefferson and I will be there in 15 minutes. Is that okay with you?”  At this moment, I didn’t know if I wanted to turn around and go back home or continue with the date.  I continued on my journey to meet up with Crazy Man (how I will refer to him). 

I get to the place and I don’t see his vehicle, so I take a deep breathe.  Ten minutes pass, I started to think something may have happened to him, since he said he was on his way.  I give him a quick call to see if everything was ok, he didn’t answer the phone, strike 2.  At this point, I am thinking I have been stood up.  Fifteen minutes later he decides to return my call and tell me he is getting on Airline and will be arriving in 5 minutes.  Now, I am trying to stay calm.

He finally showed up and I took a glance at him; first, he is short, like 5’3 ½ (I am 5'5) and second, he has a head almost full of gray hair (he said he was 43, you better come again).  I went ahead and accompanied the Crazy Man, because I was already there.   We walked into the daiquiri shop, found seats at the bar and ordered drinks.  

At first, the evening was going okay.  He suggested that we shoot pool. I tried to tell him that I suck at pool but he said let’s play anyway.  I managed to get the first ball in and he said you were lying you can shoot.  I said I can’t play, that had to be a lucky shot.  We managed to finish the game, of course he won.  After the game the date shifted into a nightmare!
He began to ask me why am I single? He said, "you have to be lying because you are to beautiful to be alone. You must have men that you call to go places? You have to be hiding your boyfriend?  I asked him, “Can I speak now?"  I told him that I had already stated that I wasn’t dating anyone. I also told him that I wouldn’t be with you  if there was someone else.  I do not cheat on the person I am in a relationship with.   Then his Fool asked me, what will I do to keep him happy? I was in shocked, dumbfounded, and ready to walk out.  He continued with: what kind of person you think I am? Will you tell all of your male friends I said they can’t call you anymore? I felt trapped! Didn’t want to just get up and walk away. Didn’t know if this guy would become psycho and just put me in the trunk of his car. I know I am thinking way too much! But I was a little freaked out! So, I texted my cousin and told her where I was, his name and phone number. 

After all of the freaking questions, Crazy Man asked me if I was hungry. With hesitation in my voice; I said yes, where would you like to go? Oh my, this was a freaking circus, like picking the place to meet; he couldn’t decide on a place to eat.  With excitement in his voice, he chose Golden Corral.  Stop, wait a minute, you said what?  Please tell me this CRAZY MAN didn’t just say that, strike 3!!  I told him thanks for the night and that I would give him a call tomorrow, not!  I got in my car and did not look back!
I have been on bad dates before but this one was for the record books.   I have come to the conclusion that, on-line dating isn't for me and I am becoming very lery about the whole dating thing.  After considerable thought, I decided to back away from the dating scene and see what happens on its own time!


  1. Tengo la pinga muy grande y dura!!!

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  3. Hahahahahaahahaha.....ROFL....! Sorry "Jerm"....don't mean to laugh, but DANG...!

    ~The Yea

    1. Thanks Yea! Glad you could laugh at my pain!:)