Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love Lost: Saying Farewell

A few days ago, I said farewell to a close friend.  He had been there for me when no one else was able to.  He has helped me in ways that I can't even explain to you.  I will never have the chance to return the favor.  He was my Superman, Friend and Confidant all in one.  When he was around, I felt safe and secure. 

The farewell came because I messed up; yes I am admitting that I messed things up.  I thought I needed more from him. When in actuality he was giving me everything I was looking for in others and on the dating sites.  All he wanted to do was make me happy, I missed that boat big time.  I did not realize that at the time.  I understand now why I pushed him away. It is because; I just didn’t know what I wanted.  To be honest, I was afraid to give my heart away, to only get it back smashed, crushed or even broken.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Date from Hell

I met this guy on line and decided to share my phone number with him. He had struck my interest.  We began to chat via text and he mention that he wanted to meet me.  I should have known something was a little off with the brother because he couldn’t make a suggestion on where to go.  He said that he do not like to make suggestions that it is up to the lady to say where she wanted to go.  So after an hour of round robin, we decided to meet at 6 pm at the daiquiri shop. 

Well, 5 o’clock came around and he text me asking where I was. I told him I was at home. He asked if I was still going to meet him at the place.  I told him I still planned on meeting him.  He then said he was on his way.  I couldn't believe it; we were supposed to meet at 6 o’clock.  He could have let me know he was changing the time, strike 1. 
I rushed and got dressed.  I must have had some superpowers, because it took me no time to get dressed and get in the car.  While I was driving, he texted me and asked me again where I was.  I said I am on my way.