Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventures: On-line Dating Check In

I promised that I would keep you guys abreast on my on-line dating adventures, so here it goes. 

Let me start off with; there are some creepy, strange, and scary people in this world.  The lines that you will get are phenomenal (being sarcastic).  I have received request from young boys to old men, and I mean old!  Some of them are really sexy and cute. The rest are a bit less desirable, I know looks are in the eye of the beholder, but that is where I will leave it.  Some knew how to peek my interest, before I would delete the message and some had no freaking clue.  I will share two messages that mimic the usual messages I receive.

Hi, I’m single and looking for a serious relationship, met quiet few people on here but they all here for games, if you won't mind I’m real I’ll like to get to know you if you wouldn’t mind, meanwhile you look pretty younger than you age any secret behind that?  I would like to get to know you. Let’s do lunch or dinner and drinks. U can reach me at 98…..
Hello Beautiful Butterfly, I'm touched by your beauty because i love what i see and what i see is beautiful to my eye sight. I guess you most have had this from a lot of Men? But this is from my heart saying you are beautiful, what a Dazzling beauty youve got, I'm being touched by your kind of beauty and i i'm interested in wanting to know more about you because you interest me so much,The lord most have spent a whole lot of time in your making and Creation cause your eyes are charming to me, i am glad my eyes behold your beauty, i would be honored if i may be allowed to nurture this flower and water them with all pleasure. Oh pardon me for not introducing my self. My name is Blah and i would love to know more about you, do you care for a chat? if so let me have your id so i can add you, I await to read from you, stay blessed. hugs and kisses xoxoxo muah.

Now seriously, would you respond to any of those messages?  I will not lie, I did have a few conversations on the website and off line. So far it hasn’t went anywhere past text messaging.  Keep in mind; I didn’t post the RUDE ones.   So needless to say, that I may not find Mr. Jeigh on here, but it is a little entertaining.  I’ll keep you posted if I continue with my On-line dating adventure.  

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