Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Single Parenting: My Proudest Moment

Last month, my eldest son graduated from high school.  An unexplainable emotion came over me.    Hearing his name being called when he walked across the stage to receive his diploma was my proudest moment.  Even though he has won awards, been on television, played in a high school bowl game and was selected All –Metro quarterback, nothing compared to that moment. Right then, I knew I didn’t have a baby anymore and he completed phase one of his life’s journey.   

He was offered a full athletic scholarship to play football at a college in Arizona, which is a twenty-two hour drive away.  Yay, I get to clean his room, cook less food and keep my car parked with gas in it! However, I will miss him. He has been my protector and my “father-figure” when it came to men, overprotective at times.  I will not have that “strong male” in the house to cut the grass, take out the garbage and protect me from the gecko lizards. Yes, I am afraid of geckos; basically anything that moves! I will miss seeing and fussing with him, every day.

But then again, I can’t wait to see him play college football.  He better believe that I will try my best to be at EVERY game rooting for him and his new teammates!  Ha-ha, he will also need to understand that, I will not be able to make hamburgers for these teammates!!  He selected Secondary Education as his major, so he can coach high school football if he doesn’t make it to the NFL.    

So again, I want to applaud my eldest son on graduating from high school.  I know he has the foundation to succeed in the next phase of his life’s journey.  I like him, have to recognize that we are only a plane ride away! Good luck, Sweetie!

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