Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures: Online Dating

One of my friends persuaded me to try online dating.  I was very leery about doing such a thing because you hear the horror stories and get skeptical.  So, I said what hell and decided to try it out.  I found a website that was being pushed by Facebook, yea I know; probably the wrong place to start!  However, it wasn’t that bad of a starting point.  

During the whole time I am creating my profile, my conscious is whispering in my ear; I can’t believe you are doing this!  I moved right on along, paid my conscious no attention at all and came up with a cleaver description about myself.  I wanted my profile to be honest and leave a little room for prospects to want to explore more about me.  I know; I am a little sneaky!  

When I got to the part about an Ideal First Date, I froze.  If you were to ask me what I want or looking for in a man, I can easily answer with no hesitation.  Yet, for some reason this question had me perplexed.  Therefore, this is what I came up with, yes I will share it with you:   
My ideal first date would be a comfortable and fun experience, where I can feel at ease with a guy.  I dislike awkward silences, so I try to meet people who are intelligent and quick enough to keep up with a conversation.  I like guys who can poke fun at me; because in return I will do the same.  I really like it when someone can genuinely make me laugh or be impressed with something witty I may say or ok with my slight sarcasms.  I’m not one of those people that need to be impressed, go to a fancy expensive restaurant or get roses on the first date.  But walking around a park, an outdoor concert, getting a cup of coffee, going somewhere we both can have fun (Dave & Busters) or bungee-jumping (God knows I am a little afraid but with the right push, I’m in) suits me just fine.  As long as I see the guy has a plan and have put effort into the date, is ok with me, as well.  Enjoying someone’s company and having the feeling like they are enjoying mine, is key! 

The profile went live and oh my goodness!  I became overwhelmed immediately with hits.  There are some strange characters in this world.  My premonitions were a little true in regards to being very leery about this type of stuff, but I haven’t taken the profile down just yet.  So, let’s see if there is any “true” gentlemen or if I find my next “Mr. Jeigh”!   I'll keep you posted.   

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