Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Single Life Works Best for Me!

Single life works for me because I am a WAY passed all of the ridiculousness; which are lies and bull crap that men feed you.   Men will do all the necessary things to get you. You slightly begin to let your guard down and that is when they go for the kill

Just recently, I pondered over whether or not to venture into a full blown relationship. Everything was going well. Communication was on point and the chemistry was there.  We weren’t trying to rush into anything real serious because of the different things that were going on in our lives.  We began to spend a lot of time together and began to make future plans; not marriage!  I offered him a couple of times to come and hang out with my friends, but due to his busy work schedule and kids he wasn’t able to.  Out of nowhere, WHAM there goes the change in the person.  His behavior became very different.  The phone conversations had become less, which turned into just text messaging. The text messages became fewer and fewer.  We didn’t hang out as often and we began to drift apart.  Things with us are totally different. We may text or call when we find time to check in.  It isn’t the same however we have remained friends.

After this, I began to believe being single allows you to stabilize your emotions. I have noticed, when you are in a relationship, especially when it is just starting, your emotions go completely out of whack. Your mind goes a thousand miles a minute. You constantly think of things like, “Does he still like me?”, “Did I say the right thing?”, “What should I do now?”, “When should I call next?”, “Should I give him space?”  “This isn’t working”.  You have no idea how long this list can go on and on. It’s enough to make a sound person go nuts. Your thoughts are running rampant and they are all over the place. Immediately, you began to ask yourself  "Do I want to go through another heart-wrenching breakup?". Along with, “Is there something wrong with me?” Trust me I have asked myself these same questions, too! Well, after long deliberating over that question, the answer is NO.  Everyone has something wrong with them. “Nobody’s perfect!”  All that means is, you may need to take more steps back for self-changes and self-improvement.

So again, single life works best for me because, I have become a successful single and I am choosing to appreciate being able to be emotionally relaxed!! I am okay with standing on my own and being a happy SINGLE WOMAN

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