Saturday, May 5, 2012

Men’s Famous Breakup Lines

Oh yes, I am going there. I am doing this because we as women don’t want to see the “big picture” when men tell us their version of what they want or don’t want. Sometimes we really don’t understand what their “lines” mean. So I am taking the time out to define all of the lines that I have witness or was told by other females.

1. The “I need some time to find myself or I need space." line. If this is the line that is fed to you, please know that he is telling you that you need to go out and do whatever you want, because he is. Don’t wait around for him to come back. Give him all the SPACE in the world. Don’t call, text, email! Don’t even do the famous “surprise” run into him. Begin moving on!

2. The classic "It's Not You - It's Me” line. This is one is my favorites!!! Ugh, I think we all have heard this one. What he is saying is “It is you, it’s not him! This is his chicken crap way of letting you down easy. He wants something other than being in a relationship with you and he will place the blame on himself so it doesn’t impact you that hard. 

3. The "I'm just not ready for a relationship right now", line means: this is going way too fast. You will be fed this one after you have either met his friends or mother, which in his eyes, “commitment” is coming. He has gotten spooked and is looking for a way out.

4. The "I Still Want to Be Friends," line means he doesn’t want to be with you but don’t want to close ALL doors with you. He wants to keep communication open to get physical with you. This could also mean that if his new “victim” does not work out, you will be the first he will call to get with. RUN!!

5. The "Can I call you sometime” line is another one that he will use to keep communication open to get that late night physical activity. Please believe that he isn’t saying this because he wants to talk about rekindling the relationship. Make a clean break and say no and move on!

6. The "I still care about you” line is another one of my favorites. This one is used as another lame excuse to spare your feelings. I am sure he does care, but not enough to work on the relationship.

7. The “I just need to focus on…” line means that he is actually giving you an honest reason why he is breaking up with you. For instance, he will say “I just need to focus on work”, which means that his career is MORE important than you are right now.

8. The “I’ve got a fear of commitment” line is probably a TRUE statement. When he says this, he means that he gets to the point where he wants to be “in a committed” relationship and then he FREAKS out! Essentially, the man that tells you this “line” has been in several relationships and ran as soon as things got serious! Beware of this guy!

9. The Sudden Drop-Off, isn’t a line, but you know what I am talking about. This is when all of a sudden he becomes too BUSY! He doesn’t have time to spend with you. Everything else takes precedence before you. You begin to ask is everything is okay with us and he responds with "YES, why"! You know that he is pulling away, but he is unwilling to admit it. After you continue to ask him or explain to him that his behavior has changed. Then maybe you will get an answer, which can be, “You are right, I have been busy.” or “I don’t really know what I want right now’! Face it, it is time to let go and move on!

I hope all of this helps you with a better understanding of what the “lines” really mean! It took me a while to wrap my head around these and see them for what they really are. I would hope that one day; men would be honest with a woman when he wants to break up with her. Don’t tell her a “line” to spare her feelings, just be honest! Women need closure!

Got anything to add or if I have missed one, please leave a comment!

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