Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinner for One

While being here in Denver, I decided to go on a date alone.  At first, I thought this would be a bad idea but it turned out to be a big milestone for me.  I got all dolled up as if I was meeting a nice gentleman for dinner.  I went all out for myself; curled my hair and put on a nice pair of slacks, along with a dressy top. 

I arrived at Osteria Marco, an Artisan Italian Pizzeria restaurant that was recommended by the hotel staff on Larimer Street.  The atmosphere was very casual and nice.  didn't know whether to sit at the bar or ask for a table for one.  I chose to sit on the patio so I can see the city skyline and do a little people watching.  I also thought this wouldn't look so unordinary being alone. I am glad I did because the bar was filled with couples.

While, I sat on the patio, couples or groups of people would pass and give me looks. I just chuckled and ordered off of the menu.  I ordered a Caesar salad as a starter and a classic Italian Mortadella, Prosciutto, and Salami with Provolone; Panini for my entree.  I ordered a glass of 2009 Pinot Grigio, Ca’Donini, which turned out to be a very good selection. 

While I was waiting on my food to arrive, this couple walked up and asked to sit out on the patio as well.  They explained to the waiter that they were stopping for a quick bite before going to a play.  They didn’t elaborate on the name of the play, so I can’t tell you what they were going see.  They glanced at me a few times before the lady (Sabrina) asked me, “Are you dining alone?” I replied “yes, I am”.  She went on to tell me that I was brave for doing so.  Most women or men wouldn’t dare dine alone.  Of course, I was like, thanks Lady; you made me feel really good! That made me feel quite lonely, but I said oh well, it’s all about me tonight.  I continued to sip my wine and enjoy the lovely evening, with Me, Myself and I.

After, I finished my light dinner; I strolled down the street to finish off my date. I noticed how beautiful Denver really is. This is a very clean city! On this particular street, there is a lot of patio seating at “expensive” restaurants.  Ladies were dressed in evening wear and men in suits.  I also noticed dog bowls for anyone walking dogs, how cute!  The shops were all decorated with pastel colors and the street was lit up with white string lights.  To say that I was strolling alone, I didn’t feel threatened or unsafe at any time.  People were very friendly, saying hello and excuse me.  I did not expect that in such a large crowed city. 

I got back to the hotel, undressed and smiled. I completed a major milestone in my “Single Living” journey.  I accomplished the "going out alone for dinner", phase and I enjoyed it.  Yes, I would do it again.