Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, What a Day!

It all started off with a text message that stated “your flight has been delayed,” on the final day of my last trip! This delay generated a layover of three hours. Yes, ouch!  Sitting in the airport can be rather fun, but being there for three hours it can get a little unnerving.  We begin to pack up and start the journey towards the airport. Already trying to decide what in the world will we do for three hours? 
We arrived at the airport and noticed that the delay wasn’t going to be as long as we had thought, hooray!   We looked at each other and said okay everything should move along smoothly.  We got to the ticket counter and I asked for my identification and bank card from my travel companion, who had been holding them for me.

After leaving the ticket counter, I noticed that I did not have my wallet. Oh crap!!! That “what the Hell” moment kicked in; big time!!  I remembered taking my wallet out to buy a couple of things and it must have fallen out then!  So, we begin the process of how do I get my wallet and hopefully it is in the place that I thought it was. Well, just to my surprise, my wallet was in the exact place I thought would have been.  We made preparation to have my wallet FedEx to my house. Whew, that was a close one!
Moving right on along, get on my next flight to my final destination, there was a female reporter on the flight. She was being hit on very hard by another passenger on the plane. I noticed immediately that she was full of it.   She didn’t know her stuff.  For instance, she said that LSU will host Florida this year at Tiger Stadium where she is scheduled to cover this game.  Well, LSU travels to Florida this year, can you say; FALSE statement??  The male passenger was asking her about her career of choice. When she told him that she was a reporter, he chimed in and said, “I am a teacher and my students have never met a reporter.  Would you be willing to coming to my class and speaking to my students.  Can I get your phone number so I may contact? We can work out the details when you can come and meet the students”?  The “fish” was hooked on his reel.  She gave in and shared her phone number with him, big dummy! I was ready to pull my hair out with this foolishness! This dumb stuff lasted the ENTIRE flight.
After getting off the plane and on our way home, the car begins to make a funny noise.  Pulled the car over and realized that we had a flat/blow out! We begin to look for help to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. We eventually found a person that would come out and repair the tire. We only thought was just “low” on air.  The guy got there and told us that the tire is gone. So, we begin asking is there anything that can be done because we didn’t want to call and wait on a wrecker service.  The guy said “I will go and find you a universal tire and that should do the trick”. When he returned with the tire, it DOESN'T fit, hum!  At this point, the guy begins to make “stupid” remarks like; you know you are working me, I don’t work on cars, I only work on trucks, and I should not have come out to this call. He was really testing my patience.  He eventually, switches out the tire from one rim to the other.  Thank goodness this idea worked and we were finally on our way back. 
This day was one for the books. I haven’t had a trickle down day like this in a very long time.  Just very glad I had someone to share this day with instead of going at it alone. The best part of this “eventful” day was, when I returned home to a very hot shower and a comfy bed!  Hallelujah!  

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