Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Date That Lasted Over Three Days!

This eventful date was one to write the world about; and so, I would like to share with you the best date I have ever been on in my entire life.

It all started with a text message asking how was I doing.  The text messages turned into a phone conversation.  The phone conversation lasted about an hour before I had to end the call, so I could visit some family members.  Before we ended the call, “Mr. Compatible” (how I will refer to him in this blog) asked if I would pass by his job after I leave from visiting. 

After spending time with my folks, I texted Mr. Compatible and told him that I was on my way to see him. When I got to his job, we stood outside and talked for an hour. It was a pleasure chatting with him.  No slang.  I didn’t have to try and figure out what he was talking about.  He didn’t say stupid off the wall things.  Just a very pleasant, decent and intellectual conversation, the made me want to stay there all night.  We planned to meet on Saturday for a real date. 

Well, Friday came round and he figured that my presence was needed so we decided to hang out. He took off from work to spend some time with me, 1 point for him!  He said that this do not interfere with our planned date for Saturday, he just wanted to see me, another point for Mr. Compatible.  We met at a daiquiri shop that had karaoke night.  Karaoke night was the bomb and I didn’t realize so many local people had that much talent, go figure! This guy was singing with a beer, cigarette and still held a note.  We talked and realized how similar and compatible we are. It was great talking to someone with wide spread vocabulary.

He wanted to shoot pool, but my pool skills are very lacking. So he “dumbed” down his shooting game just so I didn’t look so bad, another point!  We played two games of pool, and guess what, I managed to hit the 8 ball in the corner pocket before all of the other balls were shot; Yay, go me! I told you my pool game was HORRIBLE!

We both decided that we didn’t want the night to end, therefore we ventured over to a local club that was an eye opener! This club had the best dressed people in there; being a little sarcastic here!! The people in there probably make this place a recurring appointment on their social calendar. I have to tell you about this one girl that wanted to prove a point by rubbing her hands across his chest and looked at me with an attitude!  This girl was too funny!  This place immediately became somewhere I don’t think I would EVER go back. The only good thing about being at this place was the free drinks and the wonderful company! We ended Friday night with breakfast at Waffle house! Oh there is something about Waffle House’s eggs, hash browns and bacon at midnight.  If you haven’t tried it, you are definitely missing out!

Finally, the scheduled date day came.  I woke up to allergy issues; runny nose, itchy eyes and coughing.   I couldn’t believe this, OMG!!!  I begin trying to get some meds in me, cough drops and fresh air, hoping he wouldn’t notice.  We meet for lunch at a very good Sushi spot. When we sat at the table, my allergies shifted into overdrive, I could not stop sniffing! I wanted to crawl into a shell and stay there. He was very sweet about my allergy issues and didn’t make me feel bad about them; yay, another point for him.  He is very green when it comes to sushi so he ordered from the lighter side of the menu, I will have to work on him! 

Again, we talked about life; previous marriages, and traveling (he had been almost EVERYWHERE!) I really liked the fact that we could just sit there and be together. The conversation flowed so easily and it seemed like we were comfortable with each other. Immediately, we realized that we had chemistry.

After we left the restaurant, he suggested going catch a movie. We both selected “Silent House”, in which we just knew we had picked a winner. Oh my, this movie was nothing to brag about. We both left the theater with this look on our faces like; what in the world was that about!! That movie is not even worth watching on cable, turn channel quick!   Mr. Compatible said, “I’m not ready for you to leave yet.” He suggested going to a different daiquiri shop just to spend a little more time together, and another point for Mr. Compatible

So, that was my perfect date; great company, great adventures and great conversation.  Oh, I did fail to mention that he didn’t even try to kiss me on the first date!  What is a girl to do?


  1. You give the rest of us single ladies hope! He sounds like a good guy.

    1. He really is a great guy. Glad to hear! There is light at the end of our Single tunnel! :)