Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Am I Single

I was asked the other day Why am I single?

I choose to be single because I have been in four relationships with infidelity issues and one with a guy who had the best Houdini act in the world. I am unwilling to accept not being put first, not having a voice in the relationship, being taken for granted, or being lied to. I do not want to let myself be hurt again. I also do not want to find anymore WRONG partners!

So, my previous relationships have actually made me want to regroup and determine if the infidelity was brought on by some of my hiccups. I want to say that the reasons they stepped out or ran were because they were idiots, but I can’t put all of the blame on them.

Yes, I do have those times when I wish I had that one to watch movies, cuddle up on the sofa/bed, and make vacation plans to go away. When all of these thoughts enter my head, I remember all of the times when I was crying for hours because he didn’t call. He asked for space when everything was going right. He lied about everything. He got someone pregnant while we were together. And lastly, I found out he was dating someone else after making plans to go away for my birthday.

Right now, I am not actively looking to jump into another relationship. I’m not saying that I will be single for the rest of my life, but I am taking this time out to absorb from those relationships. I don’t want to repeat ANY of my past relationships. When and if the time comes for the next relationship it will be on my terms and it will be with the right guy!

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