Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Should You Date a “True” Friend?

A question was asked recently regarding would you date or enter into a relationship with a “true” friend? I can honestly say that I have never dated a “true” friend. I have been in relationships with people who eventually became a friend. I believe that there are good and bad points about dating a “true” friend.

I perceive that the good points are: what better person to fall in love with than the one who knows you BEST? They don’t judge you for who you are. This is the person that you know without hesitation you can depend on. You will enjoy most of the same things and there is probably little to no room for disagreement. They have those remarkable words of encouragement. They give you that feeling of security. You trust them whole heartily. This is the person that shares the same common interests, morals, and values. You know without a doubt that they will not back down during the toughest times! All of these points are usually the foundation of a good relationship.

On the other hand, all I could come up with is, there are a lot of “what if” questions. For instance, what if you are “feeling” your friend on a more intimate level and they don’t feel the same? This puts you in a very awkward situation, don’t you think? Or, what if the two of you become sexually involved and it wasn’t what you expected? This can definitely ruin the “friendship” part of the relationship. Or what if it just simply doesn’t work out for the two of you to be in that type of relationship? Then would you be comfortable enough to sit back and watch him/her date other people after they have been with you?

I believe that one will have to play devil’s advocate to determine if you should enter into a relationship with a ‘true” friend. If you are ready to trade in your friendship title for a RELATIONSHIP title, go for it! Just keep in mind you are willing to take a chance on destroying the friendship you have built with that person. Food for thought; sometimes a great friendship is better than a serious relationship!

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