Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beau Material

Urban Dictionary defines relationship (BEAU) material as: A status bestowed from one individual upon another exemplifying satisfaction anticipated from maintaining a relationship with that individual. This evaluation is highly subjective and typically reflects a great deal of personal preference.
So basically, “Beau Material” is a set of standards that a person looks for in their mate. It’s a detailed checklist or set of guidelines that are set forth.  My perspective of what a picture-perfect Boyfriend “Beau Material” should be is: 

  1. He is currently single. He isn’t married, playing that “getting divorced,” scene or in a relationship with someone that just does not make any darn sense.  He is emotionally available to pursue a relationship with a woman. He wants to show his woman off to his friends and acquaintances. 
  2. He put his words into actions. He shows a woman how he feels about her.  He will ask her out a few days in advance. He will follow through on his promises and will not make promises he cannot deliver; if he does he will apologize.
  3. He doesn’t have time to play games. When he is interested in chasing a woman, he will let her know.  He has an ability to express his feelings directly. He is honest with her. He will let her know when he needs to breathe and he does not take independence as a rejection.  He will answer any questions or concerns she may have.   
  4. He finds her incredibly attractive; he does not PRESSURE her to kiss him on the first or second date. He is willing to wait until the right time to engage temptations.  He will most likely apologize generously, respect her greatly, and recognize her as someone who he has respect for and want to continue to date.
  5. He wants to make future plans with her. He wants to keep and maintain her happiness.  He will not want her to go to sleep with any sadness on her heart.  He will try to relieve her stress or concerns.  He takes his relationship with her serious and put her in the forefront of his life.

Essentially, Beau Material will want to please his woman by engaging in variety of actions that show kindness, romance, loves spending time together, long walks on the beach, or going to the movies. Sex is not his primary motive for calling her or asking her out.  Beau Material is seeking a relationship with a woman who wants the same.  

Everyone has their own guidelines or checklist; these were mine, so what are your qualifications for "Beau Material"?  

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