Monday, January 30, 2012

Should Woman Be Submissive To Their Partners

On a date, I was chatting with a male friend and we got on the subject of women should be submissive to their partners.  He suggests that women should let the man know their whereabouts at all time.  Check in, ask permission for things and ask before making any decisions on anything.  Women are supposed to do everything a man says to do without question. Of course the old saying came flying out of his mouth "Do As I Say....Not As I Do!

In today’s society, women aren’t what they used to be back in the early fifties to late seventies.  Women have moved into the new era of being independent.  They have begun to except the “Old Maid” myth.  Women today are; Vice-Presidents, CEOs, Managers, Leaders of this great nation and Single parents.  They are working 5-7 days a week more than eight hours a day, in some cases make as much or more money than a man.

I believe that a man should be a leader; however a strong man is only strong because he has a STRONG woman backing him. We should be equal with the exception of what is expected in the roles of men and women.  Example, I don’t expect a man to be responsible for all of the cleaning, comb my daughter’s hair, or be the bread winner of the house.  I do expect the man to put up his own stuff, cook, pay bills, and have a life. 

So how can a man really think, we as women, will be willing to go back to bowing down, walking those “three steps” behind the man,  speak when being spoken to or being a domesticated woman, again?  

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  1. As it relates to this topic, I think it is ideal IF there is a proper balance. The Bible says the man shall be the head of his house. Key word MAN, but the Bible also says a man should love his wife like he loves the church. So with that, while a wife is submissive to her husband, it never really should be a conflict because while she is submitting he is loving and respecting her in all ways and things. In my opinion its all about balance. I don't mind being submissive to my husband but my husband should be okay with loving and respecting me and my submissiness. :-)