Monday, January 30, 2012

Should Woman Be Submissive To Their Partners

On a date, I was chatting with a male friend and we got on the subject of women should be submissive to their partners.  He suggests that women should let the man know their whereabouts at all time.  Check in, ask permission for things and ask before making any decisions on anything.  Women are supposed to do everything a man says to do without question. Of course the old saying came flying out of his mouth "Do As I Say....Not As I Do!

Why Am I Writing A Blog?

This question has pondered my physic for some time now.  My question was answered when I was chatting with a friend about relationships; the good, bad and the ugly.   I told her that I wanted to write a blog about Living Single, Dating, Love and whatever advice I have given.   She said this will be interesting because you have some stories. I have always written my thoughts on paper, but never shared them with anyone.  So I have decided to share my humor and seriousness with the world.  I will share conversations, dates and thoughts with you.  Please feel free to ask questions or comment on my post.